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'Forever Konkani Songs' Audio CD Released

'Forever Konkani Songs' Audio CD Released


Ancy Paladka

Mumbai, 30 June 2009: "The contribution of the music for the development of Konkani language has been immense," said producer of the 'Forever Konkani Songs', Julius Braganza.

He was speaking at the release function of the CD held at the Sarker Corner, Andheri West on Sunday June 21 evening. "Konkani world has been a witness to good music compositions in the past. Some of them gained popularity too through release of gramaphone records (LP/EP) by The Gramaphone Company of India under their music label, HMV (now known as Sa Re Ga Ma India Limited). Some Konkani composers too brought out their audio cassettes, but the songs lacked good quality music as they were devoid of any advanced technology," he noted.

However, today JEDI Music Company with the aim to attract present generation and the generation next to Konkani music has re-recorded very popular 20 Konkani songs using the latest technology and brought out the music album, 'Forever Konkani Songs'. Though the lead singers of the album are Nephie Pradhan (Goan) and Ivan Sequeira (Mangalorean, both have been successful in imitating the voice of the original singers. The Album comprises songs of Jerome DSouza, Henry T D'Souza, Alphonso D'Costa, Frank Fernandes, Chris Perry, Helen D'Cruz and Henry D'Souza. The gifted Goan music director Tony Dias is the music director for the album.

Producer Julius Braganza, Music Director Tony Dias

Singers Nephie Rod and Ivan Sequeira

Mary Braganza released the CD and Fr Leo D'Souza, Lucknow blessed the occasion. Fr Leo said that like any other Konkanis, he has a taste for Konkani tunes. The Konkani tunes are very distinct unlike the tunes from the North India, he said.

"This is a foresighted project and Ivan, Nephie and Tony have done a wonderful job with the help of the producer," said well-known Konkani composer/singer Victor Concesso, the chief guest on the occasion. He hoped that the CD becomes a hit in the market and creates a new record in the Konkani music world. Musician Tony Dias and singers Ivan Sequeira, Nephie Pradhan, Charles D'Cunha and Vidya Braganza were also present on the dais.

Clement Lobo, the compere of the programme said that the challenging task of marketing a CD once the music album is easily brought out is like problem that an elephant faces for its burial after death stating the Konkani proverb, 'Hast moronk sulab, punn purunk kosht', which means it is easy for an elephant to die, but the problem lies in its burial .He wished marketing manager of the CD, Simson Braganza a great success.

'Forever Konkani Songs' has twenty songs namely `Shegunnachi Sun', `Ami Dogi Sezara', `Maria', `Chondrim Udevn Ailo', `Anjya Sarkem Cheddum', `Ghoracho Divo', `Noshibak Rodtam', `Ek Dollyachi Bayl', `Ye Ye Katrina', `Goyem Tavn Mumbai', `Lowrie Yo', `Taxiwala', `Sobhit Mumboi', `Goddacho Pav', `Mollbar Chondrim', `Juliana', `Tum Sopanngo Fantyachem', `Ami Baba Mogar Podlyanv', `Hi Raat Neketranchi' and `Nach Moga Nach'.

Ivan and Nephie are the lead singers, while Charles D'Cunha, Anthony Tauro, Veronica D'Souza, Milagreen Fernandes are the chorus singers. The music for the album is contributed by Shyam Raj, Jayesh Dhargalkar, Prem Singh Sodha and Tony Dias.

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